Thought Become Things

Thought Become Things

Always. Every single thing that you’ve stepped into, that you’ve created, that you have generated, that you have achieved, that you have become was a THOUGHT first.

Same with the other way around. Missed goals, missed results, missed achievements started with your THOUGHTS.

It’s not woo woo- it’s truth. We have an average of 60,000 thoughts a day. 60,000!

What are you THINKING about? Are you worrying? Focusing on the past? Living in fear? Re-playing what went wrong, could go wrong, what may not work on your mind?


Are you living in possibility?

What’s possibility? It’s focussing in your VISION. It’s focussing on what you WANT. It’s focussing on what results look, feel and smell like.

Think different thoughts.
Interrupt thoughts that keep you living in the past or in fear.



Natalie Jill

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