If You Have Felt Off Lately

If You Have Felt Off Lately…

Have you felt off at all lately? Meaning, have you felt like you were in a funk? Maybe with your goals? Your health? Your mood or your focus? I went LIVE today on this very topic. Watch the replay HERE:

In this video I am sharing some super simple steps to reset your energy, focus and your mood. When you change your thoughts and actions you can actually reprogram your self conscious.

1. Pay attention to how you FEEL after taking in information from media (including SOCIAL media not just news outlets)
2. Pay attention to what you are talking with friends about
3. Make sure you are CONNECTIONG with others on topics NOT related to world events.
4. Decide where to put your focus! You have a choice
5. Take time for self care. When you take better care of yourself you show up better for EVERYONE
Natalie Jill
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