Hello Anxiety

Hello Anxiety

Oh hi ANXIETY! There you are old friend.

Yesterday I polled many of you on my stories and ANXIETY was the number one feeling being felt. Gee I wonder why?! It’s not like anything has changed in our worlds lol.

I am not a dealing with anxiety expert but unmmm I’m an expert with HAVING IT! With my arm injury and the world events I caught myself spinning into old familiar patterns.

What I know about being anxious is that the habits we gravitate towards when feeling that way DO NOT SERVE US!

Obsessing over the news will not fix things.
Living in our heads worrying will not change anything.

And … Being anxious worsens our immunity It does not improve it.

Here is what I’m doing and it’s helped me a ton.

Sticking to a routine as much as possible. Workout, do your work, Get dressed, do your makeup, eat your meals at meal time… stick to a ROUTINE.

Get outside. Nature does miracles. Even 15 minutes outside makes a huge difference.

Connect with others over FaceTime, zoom or Skype. See them. We can’t touch or be next to others right now but we do not have to socially isolate! Use the web and technology.

Stop obsessing over the doomsday news. Yes we get to stay informed but obsessing over all that is wrong puts us in a more anxious state and isn’t helping anymore.

Shift your focus. Learn a new skill, take up a new hobby, read, listen to podcast. Learn something that distracts you from the current news.

Honor your feelings. Don’t stuff them. Communicate your feelings. Feel them, share them. Stuffing them doesn’t work other.

Anything I missed? What are YOU doing to stay grounded?



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