Blaming Changes Nothing

Blaming Changes Nothing


It’s everywhere. It’s our spouses fault, our exes fault, our bosses fault, the economy’s fault. It’s our neighbor, the doctor, the food companies, our age, our diagnosis fault.  It’s our dang genetics, the advertisers fault the manufactures fault. It’s the world, the …it’s insert whatever here.

Blame feels good in a moment. It lets us be a victim. It lets us be right. It lets us feel heard. And…I had another tough reminder about this today as I had something personally  happen that shook me and I instantly went to blame. And then I remembered..

Blame creates victim mentality and that is dangerous. Very dangerous. Why? Because it changes ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. It does not fix the problem. It won’t get you healthy, it won’t fix your pain and it won’t change anyone or anything.

This applies to everything. We can’t escape it. We can’t fix it from that space.

What works?

  • Taking personal responsibility
  • Being accountable
  • Looking only at SOLUTIONS
  • Looking internal at ourselves to see why something broke in the first place.


Stop blaming

Start DECIDING to take personal responsibility and action.

If you are ready to take responsibility for your health and stop looking (it’s a great place to start) join me with Full body reset live. We start Monday as a group. This is not an easy button, it’s a METHOD that works when you are ready to take responsibility.

Failure is NOT an option with this. This is your solution. Change YOURSELF, your thinking, your approach and your perception of  the world around you changes. And you get radical results like you’ve never seen

Are you in?


Natalie Jill

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