What Are the Best Luxury Watches on the Market Today?

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For anyone into the luxury lifestyle, there’s one accessory that sits above the rest: a wristwatch. A luxury watch commands attention. It’s a statement piece that delivers opulence, functionality, and sophisticated design in equal measure.

With the popularity of luxury watches, it makes sense there are many different brands crafting their own specialist wristwear. From the world-renowned Rolex to Patek Philippe, there’s a watch that is the perfect fit for everyone – assuming budget isn’t an issue, of course.

A Wrist Watch like no other

However, there are certain watches that sit above the rest in terms of their design. Using analysis from Betway, below is a look at the best luxury watches from some of the biggest brands around – plus an accurate calculation into how much they will appreciate in the future.

Rolex: Cosmograph Daytona

Trying to only select one watch to represent Rolex is difficult. The brand is known for developing a wide range of acclaimed designs, from the Explorer to the GMT-Master II. In Betway’s analysis, however, the Cosmograph Daytona was deemed the number one choice.

This opinion was helped by its anticipated appreciation. Priced at £10,062 in 2017, the watch is expected to increase in value by almost 50% in 2030.

ROLEX Cosmograph Daytona 116500LN

IWC: Portugieser Chronograph

IWC is one of the most respected and popular luxury watch brands right now. It’s most iconic model is arguably the Portugieser Chronograph. This stunning watch was available at £6,767 in 2017 – it’s anticipated to reach at least £8,860 by 2030.

IWC Portugieser Chronograph

Breitling: Navitimer 01

The Navitimer is a classic Breitling watch design that has stood the test of time. Yet even though the original range dates back over 65 years ago, the Navitimer 01 has arguably never been more popular than it is today. Consumers could purchase the watch for £7,092 in 2017. It’s expected to jump up to £11,157 in 2030 – the biggest percentage increase of any watch on this list.

Breitling Navitimer 01

Omega: Seamaster Planet Ocean

Released in 2005, Planet Ocean is another excellent addition to Omega’s signature Seamaster collection. With a timeless design that isn’t going to go out of style, the Seamaster Planet Ocean is only going to increase in value. Available at £4,452 in 2017, Betway predicts it will reach £5,165 by 2030.

Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean

Tudor: Pelagos

Even though it is a subsidiary of Rolex, Tudor is one of the more affordable luxury watch brands around. This is evidenced by the 2017 price of its iconic Pelagos creation, costing a relatively modest £3,659. It’s expected to jump to £4,426 by 2030, which isn’t a surprise based on the watch’s quality and attractive design.

Tudor Pelagos

Hublot: Classic Fusion Chronograph

In the watch world, Hublot doesn’t exactly boast the same reputation as, say, a Rolex or Omega. However, the brand has enough enthusiasts to ensure it remains one of the most popular brands around.

The Classic Fusion Chronograph delivers traditional elegance with a unique design, which helps with its everlasting appeal. This is why the watch is expected to be valued at £5,305 in 2030 – a large jump from its £3,400 price in 2017.

Hublot: Classic Fusion Chronograph

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