Il Palazzo Experimental – The Modern Venice Hotel Reviewed

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Situated in the heart of the Dorsoduro district of Venice is Il Palazzo Experimental. The hotel with its 32 elegantly and quirky designed rooms was completed in September 2019 by Dorothee Meilichzon. It’s the first hotel to embrace a very modern interior design concept in Venice, with a small resemblance to the traditional Venice, as we all expect.

Canal Della Giudecca is the gateway for Venice. And everything big and small that can sail in water comes through here. It was so nice to watch life go by here in Venice.



I like how Il Palazzo Experimental’s façade comprises three entrances from the Canal Della Giudecca. One leading to the restaurant, one to the reception area and lobby, and one to the bar. When entering an instant nautical vibe is maintained throughout the hotel. Which makes sense considering you are surrounded by sea.

The hotel is very colorful. The designer has used the traditional Venetian red throughout the hotel to remind the guests of being in Venice. Regarding the shades of green, it has been used to dominate the decor. The artists have chosen to team the greens with different sizes of stripes on the wall and the fabric of the sofas.

The atmosphere here is one of vibrancy, fun, and play. This worked for me as I took photos of myself throughout the hotel. I loved playing, experimenting, and utilising everything as a backdrop.

I am a fan of mirrors so be prepared to be staring at yourself throughout the hotel. This hotel reminded me of Alice in Wonderland and a modern fairy tale here in Venice.

Access To The Rooms

The spartan corridor which accesses each room had a wow factor regarding decor and the high ceilings. The corridor itself is an art piece. The open and closed shutters used for each room was a very quirky design feature.

The highlight feature has to be the wonderful views and light coming in through the windows.

These rich red walls are a clear inspiration and a replica of what you will see walking around Venice and Italy generally.

Spacious Back Garden

It is a jewel in the Nile to find a spacious back garden that has access to a quiet canal. This means you can get your taxi boat right to the hotel from the front entrance or the back entrance. I loved sitting in this Italian oasis soaking up the quiet outdoor space. Even if you are not staying here, everyone has access to the garden and restaurant.

There are plenty of social distancing seats available.


Ognisanti Deluxe Canal View

I have never entered a hotel suite with shutter doors. The shutter doors that are left open by staff means your room can be accessed. If they closed it simply means that the room is still available.  You can change your room if you wish. The Nautical interior design with the anchor door as a knocker was a nice touch.

When I opened the suite I could not believe how high the ceiling was.  This spacious room of 26m2 is an endless oasis to relax, chill, and sleep in. The room offered spectacular views overlooking the Giudecca Canal. The different green decor was beautiful. The continuous use of stripes on the walls reminded me I was at the seaside.

Luxury Italian Fabrics

This is what I would expect in a luxury room from a nation renowned for fashion, style, and luxury fabrics. Throughout the room, the fabrics used were divine. It felt and looked beautiful. The massive green velvet curtains which were heavy to slide was a clear indication of luxury.

The bedsheets and linen felt beautiful and ensured my sleep would be a comfortable one. The bathroom toweling especially the linen thin towels to dry your face was unusual to see. The soft linen was wonderful on my face.

Oval Shapes

The use of oval shapes is very dominant throughout the hotel. Why would the designer opt for this? The term oval is derived from the Latin words ov or ovum, which means egg. In ancient times and even still today the shape represents rebirth, fertility, and even immortality. It is also a good energy shape. I felt alive, energetic, and could not stop smiling staying in this room. During this pandemic, one’s Feng shui during a hotel stay must be given the utmost attention to the body, soul, and mind.

Continuing with more mirrors the oval massive mirror including a mirror TV design blended in perfectly. I hate seeing TV”s ruining the Feng shui within a beautiful room like this, so this is an elegant solution. The reflection of the canal within the mirror was wonderful.

What a fabulous design touch and art piece in itself.  Indulgence is a key for luxury, I also used it as an extra mirror to play with.

Mint Lounges

The room came with two mint lounges and both were perfectly placed. I could look at the canal from different points of view within the room.

To capture this shot I was sitting in the tiny lounge below. Great playing space too.

It was nice to have a radio to listen to my favorite tunes. The marble little stools around the room were great for placing extra items on them. The gold switches were a clear message of attention to detail, it gave the room that extra bit of class.


Double everything was the theme in this lovely relaxing wellness room. From double sinks to double doors accessing the bath and shower. The bath doors could be turned into the bath or outwards. These practical elements make a relaxing experience all worthwhile. The round cream shapes again making sure my energy was a positive one.

The double sink meant I did not have to share my sink with anyone. The makeup mirror was brilliant because when pitting makeup on there was the reflection of the canal peaking into it. What a rare treat.

Mood Lighting

The light switches will take a little to figure out. But they need to be held down if you want a different light. During the evening it was nice to dim the lights whilst drinking Prosecco or lying in the bath.

Alessi Kettle And Designer Coffee Machine

The marble dedicated space for making coffee or tea was brilliant. It meant that it was easy to keep clean. The Alessi designer kettle again just completed that Feng shui vibe. The silver coffee capsule machine meant I could have coffee anytime I wanted. With views over the canal, there was no reason not to stay in my room.

The room view at night.


You have to order breakfast the night before and book a time slot. This is due to Covid-19 maintaining the social distancing rule. Which has been taken seriously throughout the hotel. The continual messages and sanitising options were a nice touch.

Breakfast was served individually and there was no buffet. The fresh local fruits and freshly squeezed orange juice was yummy. The homemade granola with nice thick yogurt again was a high standard of produce.

The different bread options, which were not your traditional bread I am used to in Italy, meant there was plenty of variety.

I could opt to have breakfast, in the back garden, in front of the hotel with canal views or remain inside. It was nice to have three options.


The interior design was brilliant. The cleanliness of the hotel overall was excellent. The overall mood of fun and play was evident and it is certainly a hotel where I would come with friends to explore Venice. Masks are to be worn at all times so make sure you choose a colorful one.

Thanks for a brilliant stay.


  • Room reviewed: Junior Suite
  • Website:
  • Address: Fondamenta Zattere Al Ponte Lungo, 1411, 30123 Venezia VE, Italy
  • Phone: +39 (0)41 098 0200

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