You Won’t Get There By Accident

You Won’t Get There By Accident

YOU WILL NOT GET THERE BY ACCIDENT. Are you super laser clear on what you actually WANT to create for yourself? If you are not clear on where you want to go you won’t get there ‘by accident’.

Kinda like getting in a car and driving without deciding where you are going! You’ll get somewhere but it’s random and you may run out of fuel figuring out the destination.

That’s how I spent the first 4 decades of my life… chasing, following, changing directions… not being super clear on where I actually wanted to end up and getting clear on what I wanted that to feel and be like once I arrived.

Here’s the cool thing about deciding and then declaring a clear “vision and destination” for yourself:

Anything is possible if you can dream it up. It does not matter where you are starting from or what your current situation is.

  • Your ideal relationship
  • Your ideal body
  • Your ideal business
  • Your ideal lifestyle
  • Your ideal friendships 

It doesn’t matter how much you have or have not been doing prior. What matters is your clarity.

Those that are most clear and passionate about their visions and goals are the ones who accomplish them!

Regardless of the obstacles and challenges that are in the way mountains start to move!

  • Get clear.
  • Take time figuring it out.
  • Don’t let the “how” get in your way.

Once you get clear the “how” will get simple and the obstacles will start to shift out of your way to get you there.

Question for YOU… are you CLEAR on your vision or is that something you’d want help with?


Natalie Jill

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