Who do you want to BE despite the circumstances?

Who do you want to BE despite the circumstances?

I do not think I’ve bad a DRESS on since LAST YEAR! Leggings, zooms instead of so much in person, rules, so much has changed… I was scrolling through my camera roll and found this and it got me thinking about everything that has changed so much this last year…

So much we can’t control.
So many polarizing topics
So much fear with people
So much hate, anger, hurt

I asked my 13 year old daughter the other morning how she feels about everything and she said “mom it’s kinda cool! 8th graders will be reading about this time of my life in THEIR history books one day”

That’s perspective.

We are all managing. We are all “getting by”, we are all “adjusting” and too many of us are fighting , complaining and waiting for things to “go back to normal”…

The question I’m asking myself and am not asking you too is WHAT DO WE WANT TO CREATE with our lives from all of this? Who do we want to BE no matter what is happening around us?

  • We can’t control others
  • We can’t change others
  • We will never ALL agree on all the polarizing topics that are our reality right now.
  • Things HAVE changed.

So how do we want to show up and what do we want to CREATE?

For me I’m now focussing on that… because bitter , angry , fearful and mad Natalie doesn’t add value to anything or anyone.

Focussing on what once was or what I do not like is not serving me or anyone.

So I ask you the same questions I’m asking myself… who do you want to BE and how do you want to show up DESPITE our circumstances?


Natalie Jill

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