I Hated My Arms

I Hated My Arms

“I hate my arms!” I seriously cannot believe how many times in my life in 48 years I thought that. Sometimes I even said it out loud.

When I was getting dressed.
When I was in the shower.
When I was working out.
When posing for pictures (I would stand to hide my arms)
All I would see when I would look at my arms was what I “hated” about them.

This story of how I viewed my arms started as a baby lol (scroll down to see the picture)

Isn’t it interesting how we focus so much on what we DO NOT like and forget to focus on the gratitude?

I am a firm believer in that whatever we focus on expands yet I was doing this for years!

DANG- it took having an accident and surgery and losing use of my right arm to actually be grateful and love my arms.

Why did it have to take that?

I ask but I know… that’s how this world works. We will lose all we are not grateful for AND things happen FOR us not to us.

I’ve had so many lessons from this and this one gets added to it. After being forced to become a lefty and not use my right arm for the next 10 weeks to 6 months I have a huge list of gratitude for my arms.

I love my arms
I am grateful for my arms
I am grateful for the years of being able to write and to type!
I am grateful for being able to carry my baby with my arms.
I am grateful for being able to give huge hugs with my arms.
I am grateful for being able to feed myself, bathe myself, drive a car, workout, brush my hair, and so much more.

ARMS- THANK YOU for all you have done to carry me through life. I will never ever ever criticize you again.


I love my arms.
I LOVE MY ARMS!!!!!!!!


Natalie Jill

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