Gratitude Changes Everything

Gratitude Changes Everything

YES to this last week! NO MORE CAST Arm brace contraption almost 7 weeks post my distal bicep tear surgical repair YAY! If you are wondering how I tore my bicep you can see more about that HERE

So much gratitude for this last week though…

  1. My arms current stuck in a bent position and scars are very prominent but I’m grateful to be able to let go of the brace.
  2. I launched my fit at home bundle and hundreds of you are loving getting fit at home with it! Grab yours HERE! It’s SUPER discounted right now. Your DM’s about this and your social shares are lighting me up!
  3. I re decorated this spare room in my house which was a storage dumping ground before thanks to the help of my sisters design business (support small biz!)
  4. Got these new Jean looking leggings from my friend Bodyangelactivewear (check out her stuff sooooo super cute!) use coupon NatalieJill to save from her.
  5. Recorded a podcast with my EX HUSBAND Jeremy Gonzalez on my podcast Leveling Up Podcast (yup you read that right. I recorded it with my EX HUSBAND.
  6. Finally covered those grey hairs at home – I was looking like a skunk with a white line down my part! lol thanks to my husband Brooks, stepping into his hair salon role. You can see the WHOLE video of my hubby doing this HERE

My mood totally changed this week … it started with not obsessing over the news and social media doomsday posts. I stay informed but obsessing was depressing. Shifted to focus on what I CAN control, gratitude and healthy habits (walking, reading , learning, organizing, serving others…)

What are your grateful for from this last week?! I know there is something ….


Natalie Jill

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