What Are My Options with Male Watches?

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Maybe you’re ready to finally purchase your first luxury watch.  Perhaps you already own a great watch and would like to add to your collection.  Whatever the case may be, it’s good to know what options are available when looking for a male watch. Although there are certainly many styles, there are six that are remarkable and have truly stood the test of time.  These six standard watch styles are indeed the industry standards from which many different designs have been developed.  These watches are timeless, classic styles that speak to times gone by while maintaining an on-trend style for today.

The Aviator Watch

Fashioned originally for a pilot in 1904 who wanted a substitute for a pocket watch while flying, the aviator is a beautiful classic that everyone can appreciate.  At a time when most men were wearing pocket watches, the aviator was as innovative as it was practical.  Today, the aviator watch is still made with the same practicality.  With a high contrast dial and extremely luminous markings, the aviator is made to be easy to see.  The case of the aviator is always round, has a large, ratcheted crown, and features a distinct triangle marking at 12:00.  Additionally, aviator watches are usually powered by automatic movement as opposed to quartz.


The Diving Watch

Worn by water sport enthusiasts and land lovers alike, the diving watch is an excellent timepiece synonymous with durability and water resistance.  Typically given a water resistance rating somewhere between 100 and 500 meters, the diving watch is not only water resistant, it is capable of providing visibility with virtually no light. When purchased for functionality, this watch usually comes outfitted with a rubberized, water resistant wrist strap, however, you can definitely purchase a diving watch with a classier strap if you are wearing it solely for accessory purposes.


The Field Watch

The most practical of virtually any timepiece, the field watch is crafted to look like the original military issue design.  Essentially pared back, the field watch features a smaller watch case, a simple wrist strap, and no-nonsense design.  The wrist-strap is typically canvas material or some other surplus style, high durability, low visibility fabric.  This is truly the watch for someone who intends to use it to tell time.  This watch is a step up in functionality from the heritage watch.


The Racing Watch

Possibly the most popular watch style around, the racing chronograph watch is a beloved timepiece for motorsports personal and anyone wanting a watch with extra complications.  The racing chronograph features a stopwatch and three separate registers which record time in hours, seconds, and minutes.  It also bears a tachymeter scale which can calculate distance over time. As with the aviator automatic watch, the watch case of the racing chronograph is usually larger than a standard size wristwatch.


The Nautical Watch

Much like the beloved racing watch, the nautical watch also features a chronograph stopwatch.  Additionally, the bezel of the nautical watch is unidirectional and outfitted to accompany a competitive sailor in a race.  This classic timepiece has a large case and striking, high contrast dial and markings.  The nautical watch is also water-resistant out of necessity.


The Heritage Watch

The ultimate utilitarian watch, this classic dress watch harkens back to an age when watches were actually used strictly as a means of telling the time.  Featuring a smaller watch case, a thinner wrist strap, and a very low-key dial, the heritage watch finds its place as the tried and true standard wrist watch.

Obviously, we’ve barely scratched the surface of all men’s watch styles.  There are numerous other styles available, but these are the industry standards.  You have many options when searching for male watches, and finding a great watch that fits your needs will be easy to do.

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