Top 6 Biggest 2020 Trends for Men

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This may come as a shock to a lot of people but the phrase ‘fashion trends’ is not a popular term in the menswear community. That’s because guys tend to prefer investing in timeless pieces instead of ‘going with the wave’. Fortunately, some trends do stand out and they demand all of our attention.

The fall of 2020 promises to grace us with the hottest styles like never before. This could very well be the best time for you to give your wardrobe a serious facelift. Here’s a sneak peek into the biggest fashion fads you should be buying into come September.

1. Striped Sweaters

One of the most flattering styles you’ll find all across the world is a sweater. It’s even better if it’s striped. Striped sweaters offer added versatility because they’re fairly easy to mix and match. This attire, either fitting or oversized, allows you to try out new looks through layering.

For this autumn, you can go with dark hues such as burgundy or navy blue. You can also experiment with contrasting colors such as blue, green, or red.

2. Cardigans

The word ‘cardigan’ is an umbrella term that encompasses a myriad of styles but it basically refers to a knitted jumper that is either zipped or buttoned at the front. Mens cardigans are perfect for autumn and through the winter as well, albeit with a bit of layering. It may not be considered exciting as much, but it can add a sophisticated touch to your outfits.

3. Longline Leather Jackets

This fall 2020, you have the opportunity to dial back to the 90s with a longline leather jacket. If you don’t know what a longline leather coat is, think of the black jackets worn on ‘The Matrix Trilogy’. This autumn essential will make you look stylish without going overboard. There are various sizes and colors available that can really upgrade your wardrobe game.

4. Oversized Puffer Jackets

You need to stay warm going into winter and what better way to do so than with oversized puffer jackets. A large puffer jacket will add an extra dimension to your outfit, giving you a fantastic look. If you fancy design over functionality, you can go with a jacket with removable sleeves that can turn into a vest.

5. Fisherman Beanies

Fisherman beanies are reliable when it gets colder and you need to keep your head warm. They will effortlessly add style to your look, official or otherwise. You could either let it sit at the back of your noggin for a more chilled vibe or you can roll it upwards for a perfect all-round fit.

Fall for Your Type

With the turn of every season, fashion trends are created differently. Some come and go whereas some manage to stick around for a bit longer. Make sure you make this fall count with the iconic apparel listed above. The key to pulling off iconic looks all-season lies in your ability to differentiate between classic looks and fleeting fashion trends.

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