Met Gala Ball 2021 – Why Are Luxury Fashion Brands Portraying Men As Women?

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As the owner of MenStyleFashion, I am very aware of the agenda of the luxury fashion world right now. Do men need to be portrayed as women? I am very mindful of the new terminology plastered on Tick Tok, Instagram and every social media regarding men. After a year and a half, I was in anticipation to see at this Met Gala ball in New York, what men were going to be wearing.

Why are men dressing in women’s clothing? These feminine trends are giving rise to more androgynous styling for men. We could  call it “Girly menswear”

I don’t see women dressed as men, tonight at the Metropolitan Museum.

I work with some of the most luxury fashion artisans for men here in Italy. They are certainly NOT targeting me to wear dresses, high heels let alone frills.

Is this marketing going to recapture men buying into the world of luxury fashion? Especially when China is closing all the doors to luxury houses.

The Concept Of Beauty From A Man’s Perspective

The luxury fashion world is treading on dangerous ground when it comes to Men, style and fashion.  Let’s start off by asking for 2021. Who is defining the feminine side of men? What does that even mean? My husband is gentle, quiet but it does not mean he is not in touch with his emotions.

It is estimated that the market for men’s personal care will reach somewhere in the region of $166 billion by 2022 – Allied Market Research.

There is a huge growth in men’s grooming. According to NPD’s iGen Beauty Consumer report, almost 40 per cent of people between the ages of 18-22 are showing an interest in beauty products listed as gender-neutral. And sales of skincare products aimed at men have increased by 7% since last year. So when it comes to male grooming it’s important to make clear to men that taking care of their skin is not being or acting like a lady.

Define The Gender Agenda Balance?

Today’s youth, Generation Z, will be in charge of defining the future of masculinity. Today’s young male personalities like. Harry Styles, Jaden Smith and Lil Uzi Vert, who often dress in skirts and feminine blouses are more open to gender and sexual fluidity, more so than the previous generation of millennials. Does this mean they are not going to suffer from depression, mental health issues let alone be less aggressive as a man?

“They’re now rethinking what masculinity means, what it means to be a guy?

Will men really be running out today in New York buying high heels let alone a skirt?

Our Ladies Aren’t Dressing Like Men

Jennifer Lopez. Bille Eilish, Kim Kardashian and Emily Blunt all looking and representing what we ladies are amazing in dresses and high heels. It is what defines us if we choose. I live in Italy and see many men wearing wonderful creative outfits. Not bothered about the fashion trends but more expressing their sexuality as men. men from all backgrounds but not ever do they have to wear high heels to show their nurturing personality.

Not seen any man in Venice let alone the rest of Italy wearing high heels?

Why is the Met Gala Ball going out of the way to highlight men wanting to wear high heels? As marketing fashion for men for ten years. I assure you it’s an insult to the man itself. He ain’t interested in wearing high heels.

How do you feel right now reading this as a man? When do you see one of New York’s best opportunities to celebrate men’s fashion to showcase men in high heels? Showmen wearing women’s clothing?

It’s desperate times for luxury fashion houses. China ain’t buying anything much in New York. Chinese can’t even flu out of their own country.  Their leader is putting a huge stop to luxury houses in China. So what do luxury fashion houses do? They put men in women’s clothing.

For me, it’s all about getting press and the shock factor. Nothing creative about it at all. I call this lazy fashion and marketing.

I have been to New York, I never saw men dressing like this?

Show Casing Tailoring For Men

What an opportunity missed. This is the platform to showcase men’s tailoring at its best. Or in the case of Dolce & Gabbana what an amazing gold cape he wore. This is all about a wonderful message of discrimination. The cape shielding his history of bullying in the past. At least the message is a call to action here and clear. Unlike the other men who seem to think wearing a dress is going to reach men’s feminine side.

Lil Nas X told a three-part LGBTQ+ American fairytale with his look for the 2021 Met Gala. He arrived on the red carpet in a dramatic cape that exudes regality and represents concealing one’s true self. The cape was then shed to reveal gleaming Medusa-adorned armour, a symbol of protection from the prejudices faced as a Black, queer person. Finally, the armour is removed to reveal a skin-tight bodysuit that represents living life as your true, unguarded self. 

Black men, in general, get bullied too.

The Skirt

Now in Holland, a guy was wearing a skirt in July 2021.  I said, hey men can pull it off. He turned around to me and said I am not a man. I certainly could see by the hair on his legs, face and his balls he was born a man. The Roman’s in Italy wore skirts. He is not like this guy below trending anything new.

He said I am no gender at all. Not sure where all this is being called THEY is heading. Maybe that’s why the luxury fashion houses are trying to reposition themselves in the world of Men’s fashion? What a perfect place than the Met Gala Ball itself.

Or is it? The power shift from organisations like this is changing. Luxury magazines like mine can push back and dominate too.

We need balance in the world of fashion.

The Psychological Impact Of This Ideology

The “traditional masculinity ideology” has been very detrimental to the health, both mental and physical of men, according to the American Psychological Association. They would argue that “Men who adhere to traditionally masculine cultural norms, such as risk-taking, violence, dominance, the primacy of work, need for emotional control, desire to win, and pursuit of social status, tend to be more likely to experience psychological problems such as depression, stress, body image problems, substance abuse, and poor social functioning”.

We are ready for a change?

How Do Men Re-interpret Themselves?

Will this outfit make you less aggressive? Will, it tampers the desire to provide for your partner as the peacock of his home? Are you going to get less depressed as a man seeing this outfit?

Lewis Hamilton In Lace

Lewis Hamilton added lace to his suit. Trying to play the game but clearly unsure to come across as wearing women attire. Have a look at his past looks for the gala ball. To highlight my point. Why is Lewis not wearing high heels?

Justin Biber & Shawn Mendes

These two seem the very few men who clearly understand their power as men. Why are they not wearing high heels?

When we get sent content for men’s fashion. We rarely get sent men in dresses let alone high heels. Not even us women are wearing them thanks to lockdown.

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