Hilton Molino Stucky Venice – Preserving Italian History

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I have been in Venice for four weeks and every day I have been admiring from a distance this Venetian masterpiece of a building called Molino Stucky, on the banks of Giudecca Island. I did my research and was excited to read that this former flour mill has been refurbished to become a unique hotel called Hilton Molino Stucky.

I have reviewed many Hilton hotels around the globe but nothing matches what I just experienced.

I am all for the preservation of everything Italian. To continue and be reminded that Italy was and still is the atelier of everything opulent and grand.

Shuttle Boat To The Hilton

A dedicated Hilton Shuttle boat will take you through the Guidecca Canal to the hotel. It is a spectacular introduction to my stay. The boat goes every hour and takes ten minutes to get to San Marco square.

The closer I got the more overwhelmed I was. The Molino Stucky as a flour mill was known as one of the most beautiful buildings in Europe.


When i entered the reception I noticed how retaining and preserving the infrastructure of the building had been achieved. The wooden beams were dominant throughout the building.

Bar and reception

Buffet area, currently not in use.


Walking through the building I am clearly reminded of what history took place here.

Take the time to always look up at the ceilings and understand that on average 1500 flour bags were used and supplied on a daily bases.

Roof Top Views Of Venice

The rooftop has to be the place with the most spectacular views of Venice, overlooking the Guidecca canal. I could not stop staring at this open-air museum.

What was also amazing was the outdoor pool which due to Covid-19 was rescricted to one-hour time slots every day. So make sure you book that in advance. This is also relevant to the sky bar where the views once again are unstoppably amazing and its cocktails are delicious.

Canal Luxury Suite

Due to Covid-19 as a reassurance, a sticker on the door highlights the hygiene and sanitising that is taking place to make me feel safe as a guest. When you open the door it tears so it means I am the first person in the room since it has been cleaned.

The attention to detail and the Feng shui in this room is wonderful. It has to be the best Hilton room I have reviewed for a very long time.

The overall space and use of nautic interior design just add to a wellness stay. The lighting, use of Murano glass, and gold lighting switch complete this amazing vibe. The use of different pallets of beige teamed with a huge bed head just completes the room ambience.

The wooden beams restored to their former glory made me ponder what happened in this section of the flour mill many years ago.

Wardrobe Art

Competing with Venice will always being a challenge regarding this open-air Museu, as a wardrobe experience goes this has to be the best one to date for me. What a clever idea.

The door handles are a replica of the rear and front of a Gondola. The only parts in metal on a gondola are the ferror in the front and the risso at the back.

King Executive Guidecca Canal View

I had the king’s executive canal view. This elegant 27 sq. m/291 sq. ft room with Venetian views was fantastic. Lying on the king-size bed with Egyptian cotton sheets and to be able to peer out at the canal view, was truly an unforgettable experience.

I also moved the large desk to the window, when I was working or sipping on a glass of prosecco. For anyone staying here make sure you ask for a canal room view.

The Giudecca Canal is the M25 of Venice it is the gateway for ferries and boats accessing Venice.

The hotel looks lovely at night too, it really stands out as an architectural masterpiece.

I did have access to the Executive Lounge but I was not told about it at reception and my key did not work. So I assumed it was out of use. So do ask at reception if this is available during Covid-19.  Executive Lounge if and when available allows you to enjoy exclusive access with complimentary drinks and snacks.

WiFi And TV

The WiFi was very good, and not that I used it much but the 40-inch TV with 100 international channels was a nice added value. However, with my views of Venice, I chose to enjoy that instead.

Marble Bathroom

The marble bathroom was large and had a very powerful shower option. The fluffy towels and Crab Tree And Evelyn amenities were lovely to use. I liked the big sized mirrors.


Due to Covid-19 the Buffet was not in use. So the waiters take your orders and serve you individually which I loved.

The service was excellent and the table settings were like fine dining. The table cloth completed the breakfast experience.

The food overall was fresh, local fruits were yummy and there was plenty of food to enjoy.


Hilton Molino Stucky is a place to stay if you want to get away from the central noisy and busy Venice. It is a unique experience with spectacular unobtrusive views of Venice. The hotel rooms and interior design is at a very high level. If you are wanting to be reminded of the history that once took place then this is your hotel. Thank you for an amazing stay.


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