Cuoioifficine Florence Italy – Applying Marble Art To Leather

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Are you looking for a luxury leather backpack made here in Florence Italy? Do you want to stand out regarding your manbag street style fashion? Are you bold enough to step away from those luxury high street brands everyone else owns?

Are you seeking to take home a niche bag that can only be defined as art to leather?

Here in Florence Italy, a leather reputation is famous all around the world. When tourists flock to this creative artistic city, which is full of history and artisans. Tourists want to take away a leather bag that is made here in Florence, as a precious memory of Italy.

How do you choose a leather manbag amongst so many other leather brands here in Florence?

Welcome to the world of Cuoiofficine.

Cuoiofficine The Two Brothers Love For Leather

As I was walking to Palazzo Pitti I spotted a window display of unusual bags. I met Timothy and Tommaso Sabatini. Timothy has worked with famous luxury leather brands for over 20 years and is the expert when it comes to identifying high-quality leather goods and designs.

They explained to me,

“Florence is our home and inspiration. It is a place where you can breathe in history, art and age-old emotions. Every day we are surrounded by stimuli that drive us to explore and experiment with the oldest leather decoration techniques to reinvent their application in the leather industry, pursuing a goal that is as ambitious as it is realistic: applying art to leather”.

Marble Art On Leather

The marble art on the bag comes originally from Asia, it arrived in Europe around the 17th century, where it evolved under different names between Turkey, France, and Italy.

Florence has always been recognized for the production of marbled paper, where the craftsman poses a sheet of paper on the surface of a specially prepared bath, on which the floating colors were previously placed and “combed”.


You may have seen “Il Papiro”, a world-renowned paper company that created the marvelous technique and transferred it on paper. Timothy and Tommaso Sabatini decided to replicate the concept by painting the same print onto the leather.

It is so beautiful on the bag and due to the nature of the technique, no two prints are ever the same. Just like Palazzo Pitti’s artworks no two pieces of the painting are ever the same.

The genius concept of the brand is that you can purchase additional marble flaps so throughout the year you can have different marble colours on your backpack.

The leather painted flap is the DNA of the brand.  You can choose your color palette and buy as many marbles flaps to create a new look for your bag.

Marble Flap And The Art Proces

Both brothers carefully choose the “raw” skin, which must be perfect and of excellent quality; The raw skin type of leather is called Cuoio. Whole hides are cut in order to enter and be worked by hand in the tanks where previously the color has been placed and “combed”.  My backpack is a vegetarian tanned colour which is sourced from plants.

The craftsmen proceed to print the leathers by hand, one by one. The fixative is applied to the printed hides, so the color always remains perfect in case of wear, scratches, or water. The skins are then ironed according to the effect to create the different coloured marbles.

This is what you are paying for. One of a kind pieces that solely belong to you. When purchasing you get a certificate that proves it.

Palazzo Pitti

The reason I took the images in Palazzo Pitti, is the boutique is on the road called Palazzo Pitti. In English sometimes called the Pitti Palace, is a vast, mainly Renaissance, palace in Florence, Italy. It is situated on the south side of the River Arno, a short distance from the Ponte Vecchio.

The endless rooms of opulence art and interior design is nothing like I have ever seen in my life.

My brain hurts every time I lie down and look at the ceilings.

Florence Italy

This backpack felt very comfortable on and it is extremely stylish. As I explored Florence I was proud to be wearing a high-end quality leather backpack that will last for life. More so knowing that the marble was one of the kind for me.

Thanks to Cuoioifficine I trended my own style and stood out against those luxury high street leather brands here in Florence. That are commercial and not niche at all.

When art is all around me I am unique because my marble art Cuoioifficine backpack is portable. I can take it all around the world.

Made In Italy

I continue my mission to illustrate that Italy handmade leather goods have stood the test of time. That less is more when it comes to purchasing bags. I am the artist scouting fine leather goods here in Italy.  One of these luxury brands is Cuoioifficine here In Florence Italy a memorable purchase that will last a life time.

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