Caboclo Hand Made Leather Shoes – El Born Barcelona Spain

I have visited Barcelona many times since the year 2000. One of my favorite areas is the creative area called El Born. Niche shops and designers sell in this area. As I was strolling the area I noticed a funky shoe store called Caboclo.  opened since 2005 in Barcelona Spain, with the goal to produce beautiful and high-quality leather shoes. By working hand in hand with craftsmen from a region called Cariri in the northeast of Brazil, a place with a precious artisanal background, with plenty of heritage passed through generations regarding craftmanship.

In speaking to the founder and designer Juliano Lima, he wanted to support his heritage and where he was born, hence the shoes are all made in Brazil.

Performing in a more responsible and sustainable level, Caboclo is about empowering, pride, dignity and hope, values that we believe feeds the cycle of construction and promotion of regional cultures. When we have received the shoes, Juliano made it clear once they were no longer were needed. that we were to give them away to be reused.

Recycled Tires Soles and Natural leather

Caboclo is all about sustainability well and truly before this was a trend. The soles are made from recycled tires. Their leather is natural without the added chemicals so over time with wear they will look better and better.

“Low-scale, handmade, great design, recycled materials and social responsibility are our main values”

Born Brown

A reinterpretation of the Derby shoe with a rounded toe. This handmade classic has a niche feature with back holes around the heels to make more breathable during in-between seasons and hot summer days No socks needed which gives you the freedom to experience the world in style. The more you wear them the more the leather stretches and the comfort is endless.

With every purchase, you get a cloth bag. At Caboclo it is all about sustainability.

Cuki Natural/Black

These in-between seasons of beauty will reveal their own character over time. They look so good with shorts, skirts, or anything denim. Handmade with recycled tires soles and natural leather that will change its color and mold to your foot as you give life to them.

Cuki Natural

We opted for everything black. So cute for both ladies and girls. They are very comfortable.

El Born Boutique

This stylish boutique is lovely and the customer service is excellent. You can soacialise here as long as you like there is no hard sell. Try before you buy is the idea.

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