Bury Me In These Shorts They’re So God Damn Comfy

This original article was first published here: Bury Me In These Shorts They’re So God Damn Comfy

Squeezing a weekend wedding in Nashville between two work trips is not an easy task–especially when you only have a carry-on. What could a guy pack that covers morning runs, a Nashville weekend of BBQ plus live music and golf? The answer: Birddogs gym shorts.

We know people that picked up Birddogs back in 2014 when the company was selling them as gym shorts–six years later, they don’t own any other shorts besides Birddogs. And they’re not the only ones wearing gym shorts far beyond the gym. Take a stroll in any park on a Saturday morning and Birddogs have become the de facto uniform for guys all summer long. Birddogs made a wardrobe staple that is just more comfortable, and versatile enough to cover everything you need in a single pair of shorts. Honestly, it seems obvious in hindsight.

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